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December 31 2008Skyy Drink of the week
Tags: skyy vodka spirits alcohol drink recipes

This July 26th 13 of the best bartender in the world will be competing for USD15,000.00 cash!!!! Live Pay Per View Broadcast! Videos to Follow! www.flair..
Tags: Kahunaville Flairlivetv Pay Per View Bartender challenge video Broadcast

Tags: Skyy Vodka drink recipes

European Bartender School EBS   The European Bartender School (EBS) is the world leader when it comes to professional ba..
Tags: European Bartender School EBS Training Course Greece Basic Advanced Flair Cocktailshows Drinks

Tags: Global Bartending Associations Barmancity.ru

Tags: flair bartending basics

Looking for
Tags: Flair Bartenders work Las Vegas bartending hire jobs

October 6 2008On The Edge DVD NSJ
Tags: On The Edge DVD

Barwizards The Bar Wizards are recognised globally for one reason: They are the very best at what th..
Tags: barwizards flair bartenders shows jugglers cocktails flairers barman desirable welcoming expert entertaining down to earth

June 24 2010Bartender Surveys
www.BartenderLounge.com Join today and get paid cash for answering questions and doing surveys for major alcohol companies! Surveys take an average of a little over 30 minutes each and you ge..
Tags: Bartender Surveys Questions Ideas Alcohol Companies Ads

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