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October 3 2008Paris Flair Open

Tags: WFA Chameleon Flair Comp

The new Italian on the U.S. flair scene, Gianluigi Bosco, is certainly making a name for himself this year. We sat down with Gianluigi in Las Vegas to learn more about his secret to flair success. R..
Tags: Generation Flair, Gianluigi Bosco, FBA, WFA, Oscar Perez, FlairLive TV

Tags: Portable Bar Flairco Events Party Mobile

This July 26th 13 of the best bartender in the world will be competing for USD15,000.00 cash!!!! Live Pay Per View Broadcast! Videos to Follow! www.flair..
Tags: Kahunaville Flairlivetv Pay Per View Bartender challenge video Broadcast

February 9 2010America's Got Talent
Audition For America's Got Talent 2010 ..
Tags: America's Got Talent

Tags: Seductive Cocktails Vegas Experts Drinks Recipes Martinis

Tags: Prague

September 6 2008The Game
Flairplanet.hu and Bacardi Rum bring you the Online Flair Bartending Challenge with 1.000 EUR for the best video
Tags: flairplanet.hu/thegame

October 30 2008Skyy Newsletter
Tags: Skyy Vodka Newsletter drink Recipes

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