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Flair Bartenders Live Polands Got Talent!
Added: 10th August 2010
Posted By: FlairFactory
Views: 15600
Comments: 1

Tomek Malek and Marek Posluszny from FlairFactory.pl Live on Poland's Got Talent Finals!

Tags: Flairfactory Mam Got Talent Flair Bartending Shows Bartender Stars Bars
Sit-Up Flair Mig Bartender Las Vegas
Added: 14th June 2009
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 15544
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Mig from Carnival Court at Harrah's in Las Vegas shows his strength with a stack and a sit-up.

Tags: Bartender Flair Entertainment Court Carnival Entertainment
How to make a Cosmopolotin - The Cocktail Experience - BartenderOne
Added: 21st March 2011
Posted By: bartenderone
Views: 14782
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Flair Bartending doesnt have to mean that drinks are slow or poor quality. Mixologists dont have to exclusively present their cocktails without some flair, even if it is subtle working flair. Both Mixologists and Flair Bartenders can peacefully co-exist. Here's how we make a Cosmopolitan!...

Tags: * Toronto * Bartending * School * Bartender * Ontario * BartenderOne * Mixology * Mixologist * Flair * Bartend * Flairtending * Flairbaristologist * Daiquiri * Bacardi * Classic * Cocktails
UFBC Promo 2008 Harrah's Carnival Court Las Vegas
Added: 29th December 2009
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 14255
Comments: 1

Ultimate Flair Bartending Championships from Harrah's Carnival Court Las Vegas 2008! Promotional video, check out the mad skills of our man CW Multimedia Productions and contact Stars of the Bars for your video resume showcase and DVD trailer's!

Tags: UFBC Promo Video Highlights Trailers Skills Editing DVD Video Resume Showcase
PHOTO IMAGE Best of the Best Bartender of the Year Award
Added: 31st July 2009
Posted By: Hurricane_Howie
Views: 11326
Comments: 0

Best of the Best Bartender of the Year Award 2008 Carlsbad, California

Tags: Best Bartender Award
Classic Footage Roman Kristek Roadhouse World Flair 2003
Added: 4th September 2009
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 11195
Comments: 0

Stars of the Bars Presents Classic Footage Old School! Roman Kristek Competes at the Roadhouse World Flair Competition in London! This promo video was one of our first videos for the site and means a lot to me.

Tags: Roman Kristek Roadhouse World Flair Competition Old School Classic highlights bottle spin stall Stars of the Bars DVD Trailer Video Promo
Austrian Flair Combat 2008 DVD Trailer
Added: 18th June 2009
Views: 10369
Comments: 0

AUSTRIAN FLAIR COMBAT APRIL 14, 2008 THE PACKAGE CLUB GRAZ, AUSTRIA Presented by the Austrian Flair Bartender School, The PACKAGE Club - Cocktail Bar & Lounge hosted another fully promising European flair bartending competition. The Austrian Flair Combat was held on April 13-14, 2008...

Tags: Fiore Flair Entertainment Oribe Bartending Delpech Showbarkeeper Canova Doimo FBA Haneder Cuccurullo Schlamberger Entertainment
Mindaugus Mig Gradekas Competes Battle of the  Flair Gods Mandalay Bay
Added: 19th February 2012
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 10336
Comments: 0

Mindaugus Mig Gradekas Competes Battle of the Flair Gods Mandalay Bay Convention Center 2004 FLAIRHOUSE

Tags: Entertainment flairhouse MIG Finals dvd stars bars flair bartending competition highlights
IFL Grand Final 2011 Official Video (3rd of December 2011) [HD]
Added: 8th February 2012
Posted By: IFLTV
Views: 9047
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Official video trailer from the Prestigious Independent Flair League Grand Final 2011 (3rd of December 2011) in Warsaw (Poland). Independent Flair League is today a unique professional bartending competition in Poland. One of the best spots on the prestigious WFA Grand Slam Tour. The IFL Final...

Tags: Entertainment grand final ifl independent flair 2011 barman bartender show champion poland tomek malek ma?ek marek pos?uszny posluszny drinks freestyle schweppes red bull tom dyer gianluigi bosco andy collinson marcin cebula maciej chojara slow motion hd
BAR STARS - Professional Flair Bartending
Added: 25th December 2013
Views: 8722
Comments: 0

provides bartrainings/consulting in the professional barindustry and is specialised in flair bartending shows of the highest level in Austria.

Tags: bartending stars professional flair
Pros Flair It Up  WOW Crowd At The Flair Bartending Competition
Added: 20th June 2009
Posted By: Director
Views: 7895
Comments: 2

Gorgeous Playboy Playmate Allison Waite hosts the world famous Flair Bartending Competition at Harrah's Las Vegas! In this episode, amateurs and professionals compete on stage with bottles of booze in ways you've never seen!

Tags: Bottles Harrahs Amateurs Flip Las Bartending Booze Professionals Hotel Amazing Show Crazy Alison Throw Fun Waite Vegas Flair Playmate Entertainment Competition Casino Wow City World Amaze Gorgeous Twirl Famous International Sin Entertainment
Dario Doimo Legends X
Added: 29th August 2010
Posted By: DoimoFlair
Views: 7750
Comments: 0

Legends of Bartending X Highlights!

Tags: Doimoflair Legends bartenders bartending promo highlights
The Rum Diary" Official Trailer Johnny Depp
Added: 15th September 2011
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 7478
Comments: 0

"The Rum Diary" with Johnny Depp! Based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson in theaters soon!

Tags: Jonny Depp Film Trailer Highlights Movie
Dario Doimo Featured Highlights Area 51 DVD
Added: 17th October 2011
Posted By: DoimoFlair
Views: 7084
Comments: 0

Dario Doimo in Area 51 DVD

Tags: Entertainment Trailer Highlights Clips Dario Doimo flair bartender bartending DVD
PHOTO Bottle Stack Mindaugas MIG Gradeckas at Harrahs Carnival Court Vegas
Added: 7th June 2010
Posted By: Anastatia
Views: 6824
Comments: 2

PHOTO Mindaugas MIG Gradeckas from the Number 1 flair bar on the planet Carnival Court at Harrahs Hotel Las Vegas!

Tags: Mig Carnival Court Vegas Bottle Head Stack Show Amazing Cool Best Extreme
Flip for Tips 6 DVD Trailer
Added: 8th November 2010
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 6718
Comments: 0

Flip for Tips 6 DVD Trailer!

Tags: Flip Tips DVD Trailer Highlights Clips Footage Previews Pay Per View Flair batrending Competition
Nicolas Saint Jean On The Edge DVD Trailer
Added: 28th May 2010
Posted By: Anastatia
Views: 6718
Comments: 0

Nicolas Saint Jean On The Edge DVD Trailer Available at www.flairmotion.com

Tags: flairmotion On The Edge DVD Clip Highlights Video
Luca Valentin Competes Roadhouse World Flair Competition Exhibition Flair Round Grand Finals
Added: 21st March 2012
Posted By: drorbrustein
Views: 6552
Comments: 0

Luca Valentin Competes Roadhouse World Flair Competition Exhibition Flair Round Grand Finals More videos... www.RoadhouseWorldFlair.com

Tags: Luca Valentin Competes Roadhouse World Flair Competition Exhibition Grand Finals DVD Videos Online TV
Danilo Oribe Competes Legends of Bartending XI Qualifying Day
Added: 18th June 2009
Posted By: FBA
Views: 6350
Comments: 0

Danilo Oribe Competes at Legends of Bartending XI in Las Vegas! Competition results and more videos at barflair.org!

Tags: barflair Legends Bartenders FBA

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