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UFBC 2008 Female Division Winners
Added: 17th June 2009
Posted By: RobertRedin
Views: 700
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UFBC 2008 Female Division Winners

Tags: Entertainment Court UFBC Harrahs Carnival 2008 Entertainment
Added: 13th August 2010
Views: 668
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Instruction on how to perform a redirection with one bottle

Tags: Education give into it Education
Bacardi Streetfighter Challange 08 part3
Added: 10th October 2009
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 787
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Head to Head Flair Competition, Banska Bystrica, Slowakia

Tags: Entertainment Tom Dyer Canova Marco John OConnor Sebastien Oguic Tony Bauer Tony Oliviero Adam Bursik Entertainment
Alex Searle - WOFC 2010
Added: 25th May 2010
Posted By: WOFC
Views: 816
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World Online Flair Competition 2010 Entry! For more information and to Vote for your favorite competitor visit www.wofc.cocktailteam.net

Tags: WOFC starsofthebars Cocktailteam Online Flair Competition Prizes Awards Judges
2008 Blue Blazer Oscar Perez
Added: 20th June 2009
Posted By: Director
Views: 732
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2008 Blue Blazer at red rock casino & hotel Oscar Perez

Tags: mixology Flair Blue Entertainment Bartending uruguay 2008 Blazer Entertainment
Flair Bartender classic bar move how to drink Shots of Jager!
Added: 8th November 2010
Posted By: Bottleslinger
Views: 1114
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Nice Bar Trick Patented Double Shot called The "Hobgoblin"

Tags: bottlelsinger flair bottles bartending bartender flairing extreme bartending barflair drinking games bar magic tricks freestyle comedy funny move bar drink
  Riccardo Mastramateo   Competing  Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2011, 5 place HD
Added: 4th February 2012
Posted By: Bartending.lv
Views: 321
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Riccardo Mastramateo Competes at the Prestigious Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2012 From Riga, Latvia! More Competition Information at... http://www.facebook.com/bartending.lv http://www.bartending.lv

Tags: Bartenders Bartending LV Howto Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2012 Playlist Videos Online Show Event Bar Stars Club
Added: 20th October 2010
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 620
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ROCKSTAR THE RHINO flair bartending competition in Siesta Key, Florida @ Gilligans Island Bar

Tags: Sports nico Nicolas Antivero flair bartending gilligans rhino rhoom siesta key florida Sports
- Luca - WOFC - World Online Flair Bartending Contest
Added: 30th January 2010
Posted By: WOFC
Views: 1102
Comments: 0

This Online Bartending Championship is an awesome showcase for all fans of the art of Flair Bartending, giving the possibility to transmit and acquire new techniques and movements of Flair. Visit www.wofc.cocktailteam.net and vote for your favorite flair bartender!

Tags: wofc flair bartending cocktail team world online contest bartender barman free style cocktails competition challenge awards prizes
75  76-Bartending School-BartenderOne HD Move of the Month
Added: 16th June 2009
Posted By: bartenderone
Views: 1751
Comments: 0

Upload your own Move of the Month video to YouTube and you could join BartenderOne in Las Vegas! Check out BartenderOne.com/competitions for full details. This months HD Move of the Month is a Double Decker Head Pour, and a Mis-direction Transfer

Tags: Kris Perez flair bottle learn to flair bartend working flair David Jennings Las Vegas competition bartender training extreme bartending Howto exhibition flair Bartending school Howto
FBS - Austrian Flair Bartender School - Working Flair II
Added: 6th September 2011
Views: 469
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Austrian Flair Bartender School WORKING FLAIR II: Demo Video

Tags: Entertainment FBS Austrian Flair Bartender School Showbarkeeper Bartending Martin Schlamberger Sabine Posch Markus Klammer Graz Kurse
Matt Flint Competes Flair Challenge 3 Final
Added: 18th August 2010
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 496
Comments: 0

Matt Flint Competes Flair Challenge 3 Final Round!

Tags: Matt Flint Challenge 3 Flair Competition
Bruno Vanzan Warsaw Flair Challenge 2010 - 5th - place
Added: 21st February 2011
Posted By: FlairFactory
Views: 551
Comments: 0

Bruno Vanzan Warsaw Flair Challenge Bartenders Competition 2010 Finals Nights at The Bank Night Club In Poland!

Tags: Warsaw Flair Challenge Bartenders Competition 2010 Finals Nights Contest Video Highlights DVD Trailer Bartending
Tom Dyer Bacardi Pro Flair 08
Added: 16th June 2009
Posted By: firemixvideo
Views: 655
Comments: 0

Bacardi Pro Flair 08 ... Bacardi Pro Flair 08 firemix.ru barman

Tags: firemix.ru Sports barman Bacardi Pro 08 flairing Sports
the Bartender Hates You 30 Guys Rambling
Added: 30th May 2010
Posted By: Anastatia
Views: 528
Comments: 0

Generation-Awesome Presents The Bartender Hates You Series Season 2! For everything on our Generation visit www.generation-awesome.com

Tags: Comedy generation awesome bartender hates series
Marco Canova Scene 2 DVD Flair Bartending Training
Added: 2nd April 2010
Posted By: Marco_Canova
Views: 2941
Comments: 0

Scene from Training DVD Funky Spin European Style www.canovamarco.com or download at www.tokenvideos.com

Tags: Funky Spin DVD Training SChool Bartending Flair Flairshop Volare
Nick Olliney Qualifying Round Quest
Added: 23rd November 2009
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 574
Comments: 0

Nick Olliney competes Quest for the Best qualifing round 2009 Nick Olliney team 437 flair bartending flair Quest

Tags: Nick Olliney team 437 flair bartending flair Quest Comp

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