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Danilo Oribe Legends of Bartending 11Paris Flair Open 2006POLISH MIXMASTER BARTENDER WINS COCKTAIL CROWNGianluigi Bosco US Flair Open Carnaval Court Las Vegas28  Cable Car - BartenderOne Cocktail of the Month - Toronto Bartending SchoolMarco Canova Training DVD VOLUME 2Maciej Chojara - 9th place IFL Grand Final 2011 (interview & full performance)Bat  final of world greatest bartenderLegends of Bartending XII Qualification Rounds LAX Las VegasDario Doimo Competes Legends of Bartending XI Qualifying DayKahunaville Las Vegas Flair CompetitionVideo Promo Shadow Bar Caesars Palace Las Vegas NVBaarimestarifi - Flairtending - Onnela Flair Masters 2009 - Dario Doimo16 - Americano - BartenderOne Cocktail of the Month - Toronto Bartending SchoolRodrigo Delpech Qualify Summer Flair 6
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Lee Johnson Nations Flair Challenge 2010 2 min round
Added: 23rd October 2010
Posted By: flairlive
Views: 587
Comments: 0

Lee Johnson Competes Nations International Flair Challenge 2010 2 min round Finals from Rock N Ritas Circus Circus in Las Vegas!

Tags: Entertainment Nations Flair Challenge Bartending Bartender Competition Rock N Ritas Circus
barwarz tgi fridays Nate Dobbs LBV
Added: 12th July 2010
Views: 628
Comments: 0

BarWarz TGI Fridays Flair Bartender Competition From Orlando, Florida!

Tags: TGIF Fridays Competition Bar Warz Flair Bartenders Bar Exhibition Pro Cool Moves Competitors Crowd
Finala BMC 2010 - Luca Valentin vs Ionut Ivanov
Added: 12th February 2011
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 1037
Comments: 0

Luca VS Ionut Flair Off!

Tags: Comedy bmc exquisite barsolutions Battle Flair Contest
Flying Cocktails
Added: 2nd September 2010
Posted By: fibra
Views: 779
Comments: 0

fibra , tase & roby

Tags: flair bartending cocktails
How to mix a Silky Surprise - Volare In The Mix episode 37
Added: 2nd December 2013
Posted By: Gianluigi
Views: 461
Comments: 0

Gianluigi Bosco, former IBA world champion and Volare global brand ambassador, showing how to mix a Silky Surprise step by step.

Tags: silky episode gianluigi volare
Summer Flair Bartender Competition 6 Finals
Added: 22nd May 2012
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 805
Comments: 0

This is the Re-Broadcast of the Flairbar.com LIVE broadcast of the Summer Flair Bartender Competition 6 finals at Club Safari in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. This was the largest Flair event in the United States on the FBA Pro Tour in 2011. Watch as 3 divisions Amateur, Advanced & Pro battle it...

Tags: Sports summer flair bartender competition mixology matters 2011 absolut vodka finest call premium mixes pisco porton marie brizard hot rose barproducts.com flairco club safari marriott fba barwars llc flairbar.com rob husted dario doimo rodrigo delpech jo
Added: 18th October 2011
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 495
Comments: 0


Tags: Istrabarman.hr Travel flair kings pula 2011 blufx studio christian pinzan vodnjan severina video online flairbartending movie trailer
Tim Flippy Morris UFBC 2008 Flair Championships Carnival Court
Added: 14th June 2009
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 5692
Comments: 1

Tim Flippy Morris 2008 Ultimate Flair Bartending Championships at Harrha's Carnival Court, Las Vegas!

Tags: Flair Bartender Best Cool Funny Comedy Entertainment UFBC Flippy Carnival Bartending Competition
Added: 13th August 2010
Views: 667
Comments: 0

Instruction on how to perform a redirection with one bottle

Tags: Education give into it Education
Bruno Vanzan - Flair Battle Roma 2009
Added: 17th October 2010
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 1036
Comments: 0

Bruno Vanzan Competes - Flair Battle Roma 2009 (3° classificato)

Tags: Bruno Vanzan Flair Battle Roma
Alex Searle - WOFC 2010
Added: 25th May 2010
Posted By: WOFC
Views: 814
Comments: 0

World Online Flair Competition 2010 Entry! For more information and to Vote for your favorite competitor visit www.wofc.cocktailteam.net

Tags: WOFC starsofthebars Cocktailteam Online Flair Competition Prizes Awards Judges
2009 World Bartending Championship Winner Joey Torres
Added: 9th April 2010
Views: 708
Comments: 0

Here is T.G.I. Friday's® 2009 World Bartending Champion, Joey Torres showing off his amazing flair skills while he competed for the title in Las Vegas, Nevada. Awesome job Joey. You rocked it!

Tags: Entertainment bartend bartender flair bottles throwing crazy bartending tricks bar tricks TGI Fridays bartenders Entertainment
Slava Belyakov, 10th place - 12th Champions Flair Crash
Added: 29th November 2013
Posted By: BarSolutions
Views: 568
Comments: 0

Slava Belyakov, 10th place 12th Champions Flair Crash - JW Marriott, Bucharest, Romania

Tags: belyakov flair champions crash slava
85  86-Bartending School-BartenderOne HD Move of the Month
Added: 16th June 2009
Posted By: bartenderone
Views: 1981
Comments: 0

Upload your own Move of the Month video to YouTube and you could join BartenderOne in Las Vegas! Check out BartenderOne.com/competitions for full details. This months HD Move of the Month is a Tandem Bottle/Tin, and a Tandem 3 Bottle Steal.

Tags: flair bottle Zack Prohaska learn to flair bartend working flair Las Vegas competition bartender training Sam Kinred extreme bartending Howto exhibition flair Bartending school Howto
53 - Martini Cosmo - Bartender Cocktail of the Month  Toronto Bartending School
Added: 16th June 2009
Posted By: bartenderone
Views: 1519
Comments: 0

BartenderOne's classic cocktail series teaches you how to create the worlds most delicious and sought after cocktails, through this series of easy to use and understand web tutorials. This Month, The Martini Cosmo ... Absinth Cocktail BartenderOne "Mixed Drinks"

Tags: Cocktails How to Mix Drinks Bartender One Training Mixology Alcohol Online Education
Dario Doimo Flair Bartending Competition Stations
Added: 19th June 2009
Posted By: cpfitalia
Views: 2486
Comments: 0

Dario Doimo takes first place at the stations flair bartending competition in Italy!

Tags: bartending Entertainment Dario bartender Doimoflair flair cpf-flair starsofthebars Doimo competition stations videos championships Entertainment
Rane Tiainen  Rock the Flair: WFA Grand Slam 13.11.2011 -
Added: 16th November 2011
Posted By: Baarimestari
Views: 395
Comments: 0

Rane competes Rock the Flair WFA Grand Slam Bartending Competition

Tags: Rane competes Rock the Flair WFA Grand Slam Bartending Competition
Christian Delpech final Bacardi Pro Flair 08
Added: 16th June 2009
Posted By: firemixvideo
Views: 1800
Comments: 0

Bacardi Pro Flair 08 ... firemix.ru flairing Bacardi Pro Flair 08 barman

Tags: Flair firemix.ru Entertainment barman Bacardi Pro 08 flairing Entertainment
Tom Dyer
Added: 16th June 2009
Posted By: DangerousDyer
Views: 1926
Comments: 0

Some of the stuff I get up to practicing and when I'm away around the world......More to come!!!

Tags: kingofthering Flair Entertainment UFBC bartenders dangerousdyer parisflairopen TomDyer cocktailshows Entertainment

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