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Tom Dyer PBCH3 final
Added: 17th June 2009
Posted By: bartendervibes
Views: 556
Comments: 0

Tom Dyer. Prague Bartending Challenge 3. 2place

Tags: PBCH3 Entertainment Dyer final Tom Entertainment
Shaker flair 2009 Helsinki Rozenvalds
Added: 1st December 2009
Posted By: Bartending.lv
Views: 556
Comments: 0

Shaker flair 2009 (Helsinki) Rozenvalds!!!

Tags: Entertainment Shaker flair 2009 Rozenvalds
Marco cicconi Roadhouse 2010- World open 1
Added: 4th April 2011
Posted By: drorbrustein
Views: 427
Comments: 0

Marco Cicconi Competes Roadhouse 2010- World open 1

Tags: Marco cicconi Roadhouse 2010 World open
Gianluigi Bosco IFL grand FINALS Flair bartending 2010
Added: 12th December 2010
Posted By: Bartending.lv
Views: 757
Comments: 0

Gianluigi Bosco Competes IFL grand FINALS Flair Bartending Competition 2010

Tags: Bartending.lv IFL Grand Finals Bartenders Videos Competition Bartending Contest DVD Highlights Film Clips Independent Flair League
Carlos Lomeli Speed Round  Bar Knights
Added: 8th September 2009
Posted By: clomeli21
Views: 718
Comments: 0

Carlos Lomeli Speed Round @ Bar Knights... (1:03)

Tags: Entertainment flair bartending competition bar knights Entertainment
Tom Dyer Finals Champions Flair Crash 8th
Added: 7th June 2010
Posted By: BarSolutions
Views: 1053
Comments: 0

Tom Dyer Competes in the Champions Flair Crash 8th The best Romanian international bartenders competition, organized by Champions restaurant (JW Marriott Bucharest Grand hotel) -producer Exquisite bar solutions, Romanian bartenders agency! Visit www.barsolutions.ro

Tags: Exquisite bar solutions Romanian bartenders agency barsolutions
Rane Tiainen Warsaw Flair Challenge 2011 Qualification Rane Tiainen
Added: 30th July 2011
Posted By: Bartending.lv
Views: 737
Comments: 0

Rane Tiainen competes at the Warsaw Flair Challenge 2011 Qualification Round

Tags: Entertainment Warsaw Flair Challenge 2011 Qualification Rane Tiainen Entertainment
mba flair 7 - Luca Valentin -romania
Added: 23rd September 2009
Posted By: fibra
Views: 1295
Comments: 0

WorldFlairAssociation.com AKA WFA Presents the MBA 7 Flair Bartending Competition in Romania! 8.place Luca Valetin Video by www.flyingcocktails.ro

Tags: luva valentin romania mba flair 7 WFA flair bartender
Pourwars 2006 Final
Added: 19th June 2009
Posted By: flairaholiks
Views: 608
Comments: 0

Pourwars bartender challenge is designed for working flair bartenders to push the boundaries of competing using a style that is practical yet challenging. It is set in this way to mirror a true working situation that all flair bartenders face with everyday. The competition encourages working...

Tags: bartending exhibition bar Entertainment flare bartenders bartender pourwars working flair flipping california Entertainment
Marco Sdrubolini Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2012
Added: 4th February 2012
Posted By: Bartending.lv
Views: 503
Comments: 0

Marco Sdrubolini Competes at the Prestigious Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2012 From Riga, Latvia! More Competition Information at... http://www.facebook.com/bartending.lv http://www.bartending.lv

Tags: Bartenders Bartending LV Howto Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2012 Playlist Videos Online Show Event Bar Stars Club
Maxim Polozyukov Lets Get Rocked
Added: 9th June 2011
Posted By: Baarimestari
Views: 565
Comments: 0

Maxim Polozyukov Lets Get Rocked Bartenders Competition Finals May 2011!

Tags: baarimestari.fi video highlights DVD showbartenders show rock the flair bartender event contest competition video finals HD
1stfl Place Vladymyr Buryanov Planet of Bartenders
Added: 4th February 2010
Posted By: YurecChernovalov
Views: 1122
Comments: 0

"Planet Z" Bartending Competition More information visit... www.planetz.com.ua +380675029587

Tags: Vladymyr Buryanov Flair bartender planetz Planet of Bartenders
Club Rescue, Zante Greece Flair Bartending Competition!
Added: 6th August 2011
Posted By: Anastatia
Views: 4666
Comments: 0

Club Rescue and Spin Bar Entertainments Presents Rescue Flair Competition on September 7th 2011 Zante Greece!

Tags: wanted travel contest Entertainment Rescue club laganas zante zakynthos flair bartenders bartending zakinthos greece
Terry B  Kahunavilles Kings of Flair Competition April 2010
Added: 30th April 2010
Posted By: RobertRedin
Views: 636
Comments: 0

Kings of Flair Bartender Competition from Kahunaville Treasure Island Las Vegas!

Tags: kahunaville Kings Flair Treasure Island Las Vegas Bartenders Competition Video Highlights
Mirka Gregova Warsaw Flair Challenge 2011 Qualification Round
Added: 26th July 2011
Posted By: Bartending.lv
Views: 683
Comments: 0

Mirka Gregova Competes Warsaw Flair Challenge 2011 Qualification

Tags: Entertainment Warsaw Flair Challenge 2011 Qualification Mirka Gregova world poland Entertainment
Marek Posluszny IFL grand FINALS 2010
Added: 11th December 2010
Posted By: Bartending.lv
Views: 820
Comments: 0

Marek Posluszny Competes IFL grand FINALS 2010 Bank Club

Tags: Bartending.lv IFL Grand Finals Bartending Flair Video highlights Competition flairbartender

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