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Amazing Bar Trick
Added: 13th March 2010
Posted By: barmagic
Views: 864
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Bar Trick. Great Bar Trick that can win you beers! This Bar Trick is great for bets. Do this Bar Trick as a bet or use the Bar Trick to challenge friends. The Bar Trick is easy and the Bar Trick is great easybartricks.com Bar Trick.

Tags: Bartender Bartending Show Bar Magic Bartender Magic Tricks Bottle Free Money Video Hustle bet Games Drinking Partys Bars Clubs Impress Guest
Fatboy Slim Music Video Featuring Legend Vova Galchenko
Added: 27th November 2010
Posted By: Anastatia
Views: 1494
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Music video by Mark Bakalor. Featuring legendary juggling sensation Vova Galchenko. Vova has been Featured in Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, ESPN, Nightline and more... http://www.Galchenko.com/ for more videos and...

Tags: vova galchenko sport juggling juggler juggle wjf fatboy music juggle shows events
Rauno Tiainen Flaircracks
Added: 25th May 2010
Posted By: firemixvideo
Views: 547
Comments: 0

International Flaircracks Flair Bartending Competition in Switzerland! More videos at the Russian Bartenders connection visit www.firemixolgy.com

Tags: International Flaircracks Competition Entertainment Contest Barman Flair Show
Nations International Flair Competition 2008
Added: 19th April 2010
Posted By: Anastatia
Views: 710
Comments: 0

Buy this DVD at www.starsofthebars.barstore.com or download at www.tokenvideos.com

Tags: Shop DVD Clips Highlights Trailers Footage Barstore Barproducts Free Videos HD HQ
Alexander Shtifanov Rock the Flair WFA Grand Slam 13.11.2011 -
Added: 16th November 2011
Posted By: Baarimestari
Views: 732
Comments: 0

Alexander Shtifanov Competes Rock the Flair: WFA Grand Slam 13.11.2011 at Bar Bkkri!

Tags: Entertainment Baarimestari.fi Flair Bartender Rock the Flair: WFA World Flair Association Grand Slam 13.11.2011 Bar Bkkri Alexander Shtifanov Bar (establishment) Live Sound Rock Music Lounge
Bols Around The World 2012 - Lindsay Nader - Bargoens Buck
Added: 17th May 2012
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 529
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Lindsay Nader is artistically expressive through many different mediums. Although very driven, accomplished and wildly competitive, she enjoys going against the grain. She also enjoys speaking in the third person. On a mission to bring fun back to bartending, Lindsay makes the Bargoens Buck for...

Tags: Entertainment Bols Cocktails Bartending
Legends of bartending X flair comp
Added: 16th June 2009
Posted By: christianflairh
Views: 1776
Comments: 0

Tandem Flair bartending at legends of bartending competition in Las Vegas Nv 2008 Christian Oldan and Juan Lorente took 1st place..9 time world champions check it out..www.flairhouse.com ... flairhouse bartending bartender flair best in the world oldan llorente bar legends fla caesars palace...

Tags: bartending world bar Entertainment llorente caesars bartender oldan the flair best competition flairhouse fla in palace legends Entertainment
Art of the Drink Mai Tai
Added: 27th June 2009
Posted By: ArtOfTheDrink
Views: 654
Comments: 0

Live from the 2006 World Beer Festival, Anthony shows you how to make a Mai Tai!

Tags: bartending cocktail margarita bar Entertainment mojito recipe bartender drinks alcohol martini cosmopolitan liquor drink vodka podcast Entertainment
Warsaw Flair Challenge 2011 - Promo Video
Added: 20th July 2011
Posted By: FlairFactory
Views: 3063
Comments: 0

Warsaw Flair Challenge 2011 - Promo Video This is the official movie from Warsaw Flair Challenge WFC 2011 and see how during two days Warsaw had turned into a global capital of !

Tags: Warsaw Flair Challenge 2011 - Promo Trailer DVD Highlights flair bartending competition
Twatch Finals Summer Flair 6...6th
Added: 17th October 2011
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 450
Comments: 0

Twatch competes in the Finals Summer Flair Bartenders Challenge 6 taking 6th place!

Tags: People Twatch Finals Delpech videos online coverage dvd exhibition flair bartending shows productions clips highlights
2008 Blue Blazer Oscar Perez
Added: 20th June 2009
Posted By: Director
Views: 731
Comments: 0

2008 Blue Blazer at red rock casino & hotel Oscar Perez

Tags: mixology Flair Blue Entertainment Bartending uruguay 2008 Blazer Entertainment
MICS 2011 Trailer for the Prestigous Monaco International Clubbing Show
Added: 15th February 2012
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 443
Comments: 0

Trailer for the Prestigous Monaco International Clubbing Show

Tags: Entertainment trailer MICS International Clubbing Show
Flair Battle Rome Bartending Competition 2011!
Added: 10th January 2012
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 2165
Comments: 0

F.B.S. Flair Battle Rome Highlights 2011!

Tags: F.B.S. Flair Bartender School Flair bartending video competition tricks onlinemevent production
Rodrigo Cao Kahunavill August 2009
Added: 29th August 2009
Posted By: RobertRedin
Views: 623
Comments: 0

Rodrigo Cao Flair Bartending at Kahunaville in Treasur Island Las Vegas August 2009 ... Rodrigo Cao Flair Bartending Kahunaville Treasur Island Las Vegas August 2009

Tags: Entertainment Rodrigo Cao Flair Bartending Kahunaville Treasur Island Las Vegas August 2009 Entertainment
Team Onnela Flair
Added: 13th August 2009
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 499
Comments: 0

Tomi "Metsuri" Pylvänäinen @ Rauch Flair GP 3.12.2006 Helsinki Finland

Tags: Entertainment flair onnela urpo Entertainment
Flair Addict by Ikona
Added: 18th March 2012
Posted By: daroflair
Views: 504
Comments: 0

Flair Addict by Ikona at the Daytona Klub Poland! http://www.facebook.com/timeToFlair

Tags: Flair Addict by Ikona Daytona Klub Poland
Tibor Szilágyi - WOFC 10
Added: 30th January 2010
Posted By: WOFC
Views: 2122
Comments: 0

This Online Bartending Championship is an awesome showcase for all fans of the art of Flair Bartending, giving the possibility to transmit and acquire new techniques and movements of Flair. Visit www.wofc.cocktailteam.net and vote for your favorite flair bartender!

Tags: wofc flair bartending cocktail team world online contest bartender barman free style cocktails competition challenge awards prizes

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