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Flair Bartending Competitions - Most Viewed

BIG MIG King of the Ring 3 Finals
Added: 31 May 10
Views: 121980
From: starsofthebars

The Red Skyy Competition Dario Doimo
Added: 27 Jan 10
Views: 67090
From: flairvideo

Legends X- Dario Doimo
Added: 20 Jun 09
Views: 55844
From: Director

Dario Doimo Featured Highlights Area 51 DVD
Added: 17 Oct 11
Views: 7055
From: DoimoFlair

Alexander Shtifanow Flair Bartender for Hire!
Added: 27 Mar 11
Views: 5588
From: firemixvideo

Danillo Oribe at the Roadhouse World Flair
Added: 16 Jun 09
Views: 4826
From: Director

Luca Valentin Madrid Flair Open 2011- finals.
Added: 21 Sep 11
Views: 4823
From: Fantasticbar

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