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Flair Bartending Competitions - Random

Tom Dyer seminar in Riga 2007
Added: 23 Jan 10
Views: 566
From: Bartending.lv

Kahunaville Kings of Flair Comp May 2010
Added: 06 Jun 10
Views: 557
From: RobertRedin

Added: 27 Aug 10
Views: 989
From: FBSB

Flair Kremlins Stars Bartending Competition
Added: 20 Jun 10
Views: 604
From: Anastatia

Flair Level - 3
Added: 22 Apr 10
Views: 511
From: FBL

Paris flair open 2012 Tomek Malek 1st place
Added: 12 Jun 12
Views: 2187
From: starsofthebars

romie and rick
Added: 02 Nov 09
Views: 535
From: romie

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