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Roadhouse Nightclub Bar Wars October 2011
Added: 04 Nov 11
Views: 441
From: Roadhouse

Roadhouse Flair Open November Highlights
Added: 04 Nov 11
Views: 502
From: Roadhouse

Tom Dyer Ver2 Vodka promotional video
Added: 16 Sep 11
Views: 5119
From: drorbrustein

Christian Delpech Promo Spot 2011
Added: 30 Aug 11
Views: 1760
From: delpechmedia

Featured Flair Bartender Gyurika Show
Added: 20 Aug 11
Views: 541
From: starsofthebars

Area 51 DVD Highlights
Added: 18 Aug 11
Views: 4948
From: DoimoFlair

Alexey Balashov Official Flair Video BALA SHOW
Added: 28 Jul 11
Views: 463

Sky Club Promotion with Luca Valentin
Added: 12 Jul 11
Views: 623
From: starsofthebars

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