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Low-Calorie Drinks

May 22 2010 Low-Calorie Drinks
In this age of health and fitness, almost everyone watches what and how much they eat and drink. Alcoholic beverages have gotten a bad rap as a source of empty calories, but there are plenty of options
open to the weight-conscious bartender. The first step toward having fun without putting on the pounds is to know the facts about the caloric content of the drinks you serve. The following charts should give you an idea of how many calories are in your favorite drinks. (Numbers are approximate.)


80-proof liquors (11⁄2 fluid ounces) 97 calories
86-proof liquors (11⁄2 fl. oz.) 105 calories
90-proof liquors (11⁄2 fl. oz.) 110 calories
94-proof liquors (11⁄2 fl. oz.) 116 calories
100-proof liquors (11⁄2 fl. oz.) 124 calories
Aromatic bitters (1 tsp.) 13 calories
Beer (lager type, 12 fl. oz.) 151 calories
Beer (light, 12 fl. oz.) 98 calories
Champagne (25 proof, 31⁄2 fl. oz.) 91 calories

Liqueurs (1 fl. oz.) 66–106 calories

(e.g. 1 fl. oz. cre`me de menthe  100 calories; 1 fl. oz.
Sloe gin  68 calories; 1 fl. oz. amaretto  82 calories)
Vermouth, dry (1 fl. oz.) 33 calories
Vermouth, sweet (1 fl. oz.) 44 calories
Wine, dry (31⁄2 fl. oz.) 87 calories
Wine, sweet, dessert or aperitif (2 fl. oz.) 80 calories
Wine, sherry (2 fl. oz) 80 calories


Club soda 0 calories
Cola (12 fl. oz. can) 144 calories
Cranberry juice cocktail (2 fl. oz.) 37 calories
Diet cola (12 fl. oz. can) 0 calories
Fresh lemon juice (1 tbs.) 4 calories
Fresh lime juice (1 tbs.) 4 calories
Fresh orange juice (2 fl. oz.) 28 calories
Ginger ale (12 fl. oz. can) 113 calories
Heavy cream (1 tablespoon) 53 calories
Pineapple juice, unsweetened (2 fl. oz.) 34 calories
Tomato juice (2 fl. oz.) 12 calories
Tonic water (12 fl. oz. can) 113 calories

Many of the drinks are relatively low in calories, and you can lower the calorie counts of many simply by using less alcohol. For instance, if a recipe calls for 11⁄2 ounces of vodka, limit it to one ounce and you’ve already cut out 32 calories if you’re using 80-proof vodka.

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