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Barwizards for Bar Shows and StaffTraining!


The Bar Wizards are recognised globally for one reason: They are the very best at what they do.

Neil Lowrey is famed for being the world's fastest flair bartender and held the title of European Flair Champion for five consecutive years between 2000 and 2005. He won the Roadhouse World League in 2004 and 2002.

Neil Garner is an official FBA judge who has performed in 62 countries and trained over 1,200 people. 2002 saw him secure sponsorship from Redbull after winning seven Championships worldwide.

Not to mention their individual successes at fierce competitions including the Roadhouse World Championships and King of the Ring.

The BarWizards have served everyone from Sean Connery to HRH The Queen, from The Beckhams to Tony Blair and from Vivienne Westwood to Donald Trump. They've performed at every high profile event imaginable from Wimbledon to the Monaco Grand Prix and from FHM 100 Sexiest Women to National TV Awards. Not to mention they have supported the likes of Girls Aloud, Al Murray and Peter Kay on tour. Even Amanda Holden wants them to add flair to her special day later in the year.

They were recently named RSVP Magazine's Corporate Act of the Year after becoming firm party favourites with a plethora of blue chip companies from Manchester United to Coca Cola.

Neil Garner and Neil Lowrey are available for:

  • Corporate events and team building exercises
  • Charity events
  • Sporting events
  • Awards ceremonies
  • Parties, receptions and balls
  • Nightclubs, pubs, bars and restaurants
  • Launches
  • Festivals
  • Support act
  • Film cameos
  • for more information visit us at www.barwizards.net



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