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Bottleslinger Trilogy DVD's

November 11 2008 Bottleslinger Trilogy DVD's
bottleslinger trilogy
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Bottle Slinger 3 -
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Bottle Slinger 3 - "EUROTRIP"
Overseas we go on another Intoxicating Expedition with Chuck and Nick as they explore the European Flair Bartending Lifestyle and Party non-stop with the most Insane Bottleslingers that Europe has to offer.

Trek through places like Italy, London, Ibiza, Amsterdam, the Greek Islands and meet up and Party along the way with Flair Bartending Legends like Dario Doimo, Giovanni Doimo, Vasco, Tom Dyer, The Bar Wizards Neil Garner & Neil Lowrey, Stretch Harman, Adriano Marcellino, and many more.

Bottle Slinger 2 - "TANKED"
The much anticipated second installment of the most entertaining, action packed bartending DVD in the world is finally here! Prepare your stomach (and your liver) for more wild parties, more top less birds, and more of the sickest bottleslingin' on the planet! A feature running time of 43 minutes, and bonus films totally another 40 minutes. Watch the top flair bartenders in the world doing tricks you've never seen before. Appearances by Christian Delpech, Rodrigo Delpech, Adriano Marcellino, Francesco Leone, and many others. All this, plus party footage you've only dreamed of!

Bottle Slinger "The Movie"
"Girls Gone Wild", "Jackass", and Flair Bartending all rolled into one DVD!
Join Producer / Flair Bartender Chuck McIntosh as he blends "Jackass" Stunts, "Girls Gone Wild" Clips and Flair Bartending into one "kick back and have a drink" DVD. You will be taken to some of the hottest clubs in the industry, and see many World Flair Bartending Champions in their working environments. See how far the sport has come since the days of Tom Cruise and "Cocktail". Enjoy flair clips by: Chuck McIntosh, Adriano Marcellino, Christian Delpech, Rodrigo Delpech, Nick Rossi, Francesco Leoni, Mindaugus Gradeckas, Ed Hibbert, Ken Hall, Darby Shire, Christian Olden, Juan Llorente, Nick and Danny Rossi, Matius Sapon, Tony Cogburn, Raptis, Marc Mital, G Money, Sean Oana, and others. Beware: Not only does Bottle Slinger showcase Flair Bartending, it's jam packed with tons of jackass stunts, drunken stupors, beautiful girls, out of control parties, streaking, whip cream, tasteless pranks and much more! Put your kids and your parents in another room!!! Over 90 minutes of "Oh my god" entertainment. Definitely Rated "R"

Chuck McIntosh

I get tons of requests from people to go for beers and to tell them
a few stories about the beginning Bottleslinger, and to clarify
some of the crazy stories they have heard from some of our
parties... so here we go,

Picture this...

About five years back, I was enjoying life, partying hard,
bartending, meeting people, and traveling the world doing shows and
competing, practicing, training...

Basically practice by day, party by night.

I was living a great life, traveling, competing, and hanging out
and partying with the best flair bartenders in the world...

Lots of training, nightlife, after parties, booze, women... it was
a great lifestyle and plenty of good times.

So I was at work one night and this guy comes in and starts
watching me work. He ended up leaving without saying anything, and
then he comes back in the next week, and again he watched and
sipped on his drink. Later he came up to me to introduce himself.

"Hi, I'm Nick" he says, "I'll take get some shooters, but I'll need
a show.."

So, I continue to make his round of shots, did a big
flair show for him and poured them out.

He says "You're a riot! I have never seen anyone do what you do
and have such a great time, you should film this stuff!"

This Nick guy also mentioned that he wanted to learn how to flair
bartend, so I told him if he wanted to learn a few things to come
back the next day.

Sure enough, the next afternoon, he shows up to learn how to

A few weeks went by and he came back each day to learn more and
more flair, and we continued to talk more about this idea...

He said to me "Your have some amazing times, with very unique and
amazing people... your life, being so normal to you, this is the
way you live, whenever we go out, something happens, there is
always a story to tell, this is what so many people would want to
see, to get a glimpse of what you do, how you party, how you live
as a flair bartender"... and again he asked me, "Have you ever
considered putting your life on tape?"

It was about that time when it started to hit me that this guy
wasn't going to leave me alone...

But I also realized that what we were talking about could actually
work. This could be an opportunity to take Flair Bartending,
something that I love, and showcase it to the world in a new and
exciting way that has never been done before.

We could showcase the best flair bartenders in the world, in their
own environments. It could be something that anyone could watch
and be entertained by, whether they are a flair bartender or not,
something new and fresh...

"Just think about it, think about all of the people out there it
would appeal to, Flair Bartenders would absolutely love it, and
even people who aren't bartenders will also love it because it is
entertaining. People who are getting ready to go out to a bar will
watch it, bar owners and managers would play it in their bar early
in the night to provide entertainment for their patrons, everyone
will love it, just like CKY is for skateboarding this will be for

I liked the idea, but now I only had one big concern... What would
Mom think???

We had our inspiration and we began to put our idea into action.

For a year and a half, we filmed, and partied with our final
product in mind. Not knowing exactly what it would turn out like,
we were having fun and doing what we loved.

In order for this to be the best product out there, we also needed
the best Bartenders, so, we began traveling and filming our great

Flair Bartending Legends like Adriano Marcellino, Christian Delpech,
Rodrigo Delpech, Francesco Leone, Mindaugus Gradeckus, Ed Hibbert,
Ken Hall, Christian and Dorian Oldan, Juan Llorente, Danny Rossi,
Matius Supan, Marc Mital, Grant Riel, Tony Cogburn, Shawn Oana, Ian
Bartos and others in their working environments as well as in their
day to day (or should I say night to night) lives.

Luckily they were all very supportive. We filmed them Flair
Bartending at their practice areas at home, at work, and then we
went out and partied with them and filmed that as well!!

Trust me when I say that we got some pretty sweet footage...

The end result of all of our hard work, money, energy and time was
finally done, it was finally here! We finally had a tangible
product in our hands, something that we built from nothing, from an
idea. It felt pretty good.

Even though it took over 100 hours of tape, a few hundred bottles
of Crown, I even knocked out my front teeth in the DVD (it's all on
there), and a whole load of good times, we ended up edited down our
project to just over an hour, and had our finished copy.

Bottleslinger the Movie was finally done.

I remember picking up the DVD's after they were finally finished.
We loaded them into my truck and took them home and then we thought
wow, we have this amazing DVD, I can hardly wait to show it

And the rest is history.

You can get a sneak peak of some of the footage by checking out the attached
trailer for Bottleslinger the Movie

Talk to you again soon,

Belly up,

Chuck McIntosh.

Pure Style Productions Inc.
Suite 527
7231 120th Street
Delta, BC.
V4C 6P5

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