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LED Flair Rods Available Now Bar Shows Events

TomWithLeds_small (2).jpg

Finally after much anticipation the LED flair rods are available for purchase from the Dangerous Dyer web shop:

BUY NOW: - http://www.dangerousdyer.co.uk/index2.php

“We ship to any country anywhere in the world!!”

The LED flair rods are a breakthrough for flair bartenders around the world.  Lots of bars and clubs ban fire flair, but with the LED rods no need to worry about fire. They are safe; they fit into almost any bottle, and are extremely easy to use.  Your grandma could work one.

You have 3 different colours to choose from: blue, green or red.

Text Box: The science bit:
•	Sealed watertight design
•	USB recharge (Charge from your laptop)
•	Mega bright boost-pump technology delivers maximum brightness
•	Tough solid design for flair
•	Total Length 240mm, 19mm Diameter
•	LEDs cover the entire rod, lighting the whole bottle ,including 2 pointing upwards to illuminate the neck as well.
•	3 Light modes: 1:Constantly ON, 2:Fast strobe and 3:Flicker
•	Approx battery life: 1 hour in mode 1
10 hours in mode 2
5 hours in mode 3
•	Wireless control: Operate the modes with a belt clip magnet
Included in every pack:
1 x Flair Rod
1 x USB charge cable
1 Belt clip magnetEvery rod is waterproof so the 15 x ultra bright 20Kmcd LEDs are safe in their casing.  Every LED rod is made to order by hand so it may take slightly longer to receive your rod, but please bare with us and you’ll be flairing in the dark in no time. – see below for pics and videos















Tom Dyer - Road House London - LED Flair
Tom Dyer - Road House London - LED Flair

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