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March 19 2012 FRAME YOUR TV UK

How We Work

At Frame Your TV, we only have one way of working with our customers – the right way.

From initial enquiry through to installation, the process is simple, transparent and straightforward –

If you’re interested in a bespoke, hand-crafted TV frame or mirror TV, (or indeed any questions relating to our services or your TV viewing area) contact us on 08000 82 85 86 or email info@frameyourtv.co.uk and we’ll make a convenient appointment to send a member of our team to your home, office or shop to talk you through the variety of options available.

Selecting your TV frame and TV mirror couldn’t be easier

How we work Choose your frame and size.
How we work Choose your wood type.
How we work Choose the colour or wrap your frame in leather
or colours you want the frame painted in and add an inner fabric in any colour like a picture mount to enhance your viewing experience.
How we work To transform your TV into a mirror
when it’s switched off we use a special glass. To include this, simply choose the correct screen size and let us know when you call us.
How we work Submit the make and model of your TV
How we work The hanging and fitting of the frame to your TV is FREE
and we will send one of our technicians to fit it and make sure you’re 100% satisfied
How we work For one-off, custom pieces
please contact us, we can talk through your ideas and then satisfy your specification exactly. We can use any colour and different materials such as leather and we can send a team member to your home, office or shop to sort through your options and match colours.
How we work If your TV isn’t wall mounted
or you would like additional installations, please contact us and we will send one of our professional installers to your premises.
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