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Online Flair Bartending Competition



1. - Any violation of the following rules or directives can determine an eventual expulsion of the competitor in this competition.

2. -
All competitors should send your video through the process of uploading.

3. - The place of filming the video will be entirely the choice of competitor.

4. - The organizer reserves the right to annul the videos whose content is not related to the parameters of the competition.

5. - The videos are available online before, passed through the selection process in order to verify
that they meet the standards set here.

6. - The vote will be made freely by users of the site.

7. - The bottles will have to be glass.

8. - The video can not contain cuts or assembly, which will be a continuous video.

9. - The participant can not refer to products, services or any brands other than those recommended by the organizer.

10. - The Exhibition Flair contest requires that each competitor presents a choreography with the most of flair movements, combining those with the technique, music, animation.

11. - The clothing chosen to the Exhibition Flair competition shall not incite to social values considered not acceptable, such as sex.

12. - The duration of the competition is 1 (one) minute long.

13. - Any competitor that passes 1 (one) minutes of the competition will be penalized.

14. - Tricks that include fire will not be allowed during the competition.

15. - All the rules, directives and recipes can be changed under the organization’s responsibility, by Cocktail Team.


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