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Dean Serneels' Training Box Set

Dean Serneels' Training Box Set

Dean Serneels' Training Box Set
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This 4 Volume DVD set is all you need to become an expert in the bartending industry. Each disc is packed with step by step techniques and vital training information. Special Features include: trailers, short videos, and bonus footage. The Menus are broken down into specific categories, so your not wasting time looking for the content you need to see. Order this box set today and start increasing your bars profits.

Volume 1: Mixology and Flair
for the "Working" Bartender

Your Specialty Cocktails will come to life with these classic bartending techniques! These techniques combine with Low Risk, High Impact Flair moves that professional bartenders use everyday. Shake, Stir, and Muddle cocktails with Pours and Cuts that will make you look like a Pro. Create more patrons that stay longer with great cocktails and easy to learn flair moves.

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Volume 2: Showmanship and Flair
intermediate flair for the performance bartender

This program covers Intermediate Flair skills. Catch a Lemon Slice on the edge of a glass! Contains tricks with Glassware, Two Shakers, Two Bottle Grips, Catches, and more. Create excitement with easy to master Flair. Learn the Secrets behind how to create memorable interactive shows that will have your guests coming back for more.

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Volume 3: Advanced Flair
for the competitive bartender

This program covers multiple Tin splits and Nests, three and four Prop combinations, and complex Juggling Patterns that will have the strictest judges cheering you on. Competitive Flair bartenders will earn and keep more points as we look deep into the rules and regulations of Performance Bartending Competitions to see what the judges are looking for. Watch for guest appearances by Alan Mays and 9 time World Champion Christian Delpech!

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Volume 4: Practical Bar Magic
real magic with props from behind the bar

This program includes tried and tested magic tricks from years of working as a professional restaurant magician. Over one hour of epic, memorable, Bar Magic. Learn how to do tricks with props found behind your bar. Slow motion step by step instructions of over 25 different tricks. Learn the Floating Shaker Tin, make a Lit Cigarette disappear, and how to Steal Watches right of the arms of your guests. This disk is perfect for anyone working the wood.

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    Volume 4 - Practical Bar Magic   $41.94 
    Volume 1 - Mixology and Flair   $41.94 
    Volume 3 - Advanced Flair   $41.94 
    Volume 2 - Showmanship and Flair   $41.94 
    Box Set Volumes 1 - 4   $154.74 
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