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Skyy Vodka is organizing a glamourous party in London on Monday 25th of July

Skyy Vodka is organizing a glamourous party in London on Monday 25th of July! We are looking for 16 bartenders to entertain the guests and compete against each other during this event. There is going to be four 30 minute shifts and per shift the best barman is chosen to compete in the final round of the night. The winner will be selected by judges as well as by the guests you are entertaining! Bartenders have the great chance to apply for this event now by sending a 30 second clip of themselves bartending on this Facebook wall by the 21st of July! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Please be aware that all competitors need to cover their own expenses to be at the event.

Please note the rules for the competition that all chosen candidates need to adhere to.

Rules and Regulations for Glamour Live – London:

1.You must be 18 years or older in accordance with the relevant legal drinking age to compete in this competition.
2.Bartenders will have 25 minutes on their respective stations to serve the guests.
3.There will be a set list of 4 cocktails to serve. You can also create your own cocktails using the stock provided (you cannot bring your own).
4.The set up of the bartender stations will be the same for everybody and will be done by the bar backs.
5.All bottles will have a medium pour metal pour spout in it and are not allowed to be taped or tapped in or be restricted in anyway. Plastic pour spouts are not allowed.
6.All bartending equipment will be provided for you (see station set up). You may bring additional equipment with you but this must be unbranded and in a decent condition. No chipped tins or equipment may be used. All extra equipment will need to be authorised by the management beforehand.
7.Bartenders are not allowed to be in the crowd before or after their shift. Bartenders who don’t make the final are then allowed around the bar to watch the final 4.
8.No fire flair or pyrotechnics are to be used during your routine.
9.No nudity or obscene language is to be used.
10.If there is a problem with any of the guests then the event manager should be called immediately to deal with it.
11.What you wear is up to you but you must dress in a stylish manner in fitting with the event, so no jeans, t-shirts and trainers. No other brands are to be shown.
12.No shots are to be served and you are not allowed to pour directly into guests mouths.
13.Bartenders are allowed to bring their own unbranded props, but these must not be must not be offensive or rude in anyway. All props will be checked before starting your shift.
14.Standing on the bar top is not permitted.
15.Station allocation will be made just as you are about to start your shift.
16.Any SKYY tip chips that are given to you via the guests must be put directly into your tip jar behind you.
17.Bartenders tip jars will be set up and collected and counted by the bar manager and the judges.
18.Bartenders cannot influence the DJ or MC by asking him to say certain things or play certain tracks.
19.Campari International is not responsible for any injuries or loss of property during any of the competitions. You must make sure that you have adequate insurance to fully cover your participation in the competition.
20.You cannot hand out any contact details or self promote at anytime during the event.
21.Violation of any of the rules can result in disqualification.
22.The judge’s decision is final.

Top 4 bartenders receive prize money - 1st place £1000, 2nd place £500, 3rd place £300, 4th place £200.
SKYY Glamour Live 



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