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DVD Review: Tom Dyer’s Training Video on Working and Exhibition Flair

DVD Review: Tom Dyer’s Training Video on Working and Exhibition Flair

 Tom Dyer is a well known staple in the flair bartender community. After winning many awards throughout Europe and the United States, this Bartending James Bond has taken to digital media to show some of his award winning techniques, applicable both behind the bar and in competition. This DVD teaches the basics of grabs and stalls all the way through advanced techniques that will make you an old pro very quickly. Each routine is explained in detail with step-for-step shots that break fluid movements down into individual actions. You’ll learn the difference between working flair and exhibition flair and when to employ each. At over an hour long, there’s plenty of training and reference but this also makes an interesting and entertaining video to watch with friends and be amazed at Tom’s flair skills.

This DVD is now available and can be purchased from the www.starsofthebars.barstore.com

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