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Kings of Flair - Kahunaville Bar & Restaurant - Treasure Island Hotel - Las Vegas, USA


Kings of Flair - Kahunaville Bar & Restaurant - Treasure Island Hotel - Las Vegas, USA

Kings of Flair - Kahunaville Bar & Restaurant - Treasure Island Hotel - Las Vegas, USA

28.02.2010 - 28.02.2010

A monthly comp hosted in the world-famous Kahunaville Bar & Restaurant in the super hotel that is Treasure Island on the main strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.


 Kings of Flair is a monthly flair comp on the last Sunday of each month. It starts at 10:30 pm. Please be their if you are competing no later than 10 pm. If we start and you are not there you will not be able to compete that month. This is an open contest, meaning sign-ups will be first come, first serve. Sign-ups will take place at Kahunaville at any time. The cost to sign-up is 50 dollars, and everyone who competes will get their 50 dollars back. We will take 10 to 13 people to compete each month. Each month, the 1st place winner will get $300, 2nd place will get $150, and 3rd place will get $50, plus the $50 they put up. We will take the winner each month to the finals. The finals will take place on July 25. The next 3 final spots will go to the 3 people with the next highest total scores. This means the more months you compete the better chance you have to make the finals. Finals Prize money is a follows: !st place gets $1012, 2nd place gets $1011, 3rd place gets $1010, 4th place gets $1009, 5th place gets $1008, 6th place gets 1007, 7th place gets $1006, 8th Place gets $1005, 9th place gets 1004, 10th place gets $1003, 11th place gets $1002, 12th place gets $1001.

The rules are very simple: No fire. You must make one drink in 5 minutes. Your drink must contain liquor. You must have liquor in your bottles, how much is up to you. No flairing off the stage. The order for the monthly comps will be drawn out of a hat. Competitors can switch if they so choose.
Please contact Shawn Oana
chants91@aol.com for more information regarding this kick ass event every month.

Vache Manoukian Kahunaville Bartending Competition Las Vegas
Vache Manoukian Kahunaville King of Flair Bartending Competition Las Vegas







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