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Bartenders Bash Flair Bartenders Competition 2012

Bartenders Bash Series 2012

"Bartenders Bash Series" Holiday Isle & Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA
May 13th - 15th 2012 / June 4th - 5th 2012.

The Bartenders Bash Series 2012 has begun... the Flair bartending competition that started it all for myself and many others. One of the oldest Flair Bartending competitions running and a long time tradition that was passed down to me from a true Flair legend Bill Long. This multi venue event starts down at the original location where it all started... Holiday Isle in the Florida Keys May 13th - 15th 2012. Then we move to a new location June 4th - 5th 2012 at Bahia Cabana in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This multi-venue multi-date event is entirely based on "Freestyle Exhibition Flair" and competitors will accumulate points from both events to determine the overall Bartenders Bash Series winner.


Holiday Isle
May 13th - 15th 2012

1st Place - $500.00 + Trophy

2nd Place - $300.00 + Trophy

3rd Place - 200.00 + Trophy

Best Rookie - Trophy

Finest Call Stall 1st Place- $100.00 + Trophy




Mixology Contest -
1st- $300.00
2nd- $150.00
3rd- $50.00
4th-$50.00 BarProducts Gift Card



Bahia Cabana
June 4th - 5th 2012

1st Place - $1,000.00 + Trophy

2nd Place - $500.00 + Trophy

3rd Place - $300.00 + Trophy

Best Rookie- $100.00 + Trophy

Finest Call Stall 1st Place- $100.00 + Trophy





Mixology Contest -
1st- $300.00
2nd- $150.00
3rd- $50.00
4th-$50.00 BarProducts Gift Card

Bartenders Bash Series Overall Standings

1st Place - Trophy & Paid entrance fee + hotel to Summer Flair 7.

This competition is all about FUN and FLAIR! We keep the prize money low to keep the event fun and stress free. It is one of the biggest industry parties of the year and has a lot of prestige and sentimental value to many. This is great competition for first time competitors wanting to get there feet wet and feel like a rockstar on stage to seasoned profesional Flair bartenders who want to be a part of history.

Check your liver at the door and bring your pay stub that proves you work in the service industry as a "tipped employee" because this event is closed off to the public and reserved for the true party people that serve all year round and finally have a chance to be served.
Hosted by Rob Husted, BarWars L.L.C. and Flairbar.com. The MC's for the evening will be JD Spradlin and Eddie E.


Flairbar.com will be there with complete coverage of the event. All Competitors need to be at Holiday Isle in the Florida Keys at Noon on the Main Stage Monday May 14th 2012, and at Bahia Cabana at The BARWARS LLC Booth no later then 2:00 pm Tuesday June 5th 2012. All Details are on BarWars.info. For registration contact Rob Husted at www.BarWars.info

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