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Legends XII Advanced Report from the Champion himself Ezequiel Abergo

Legends XII Advanced report:
This past 8th and 9th of March at the LAX nightclub located inside of Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada, the biggest invite only bartending competition in the world ( Legends of Bartending XII ) gathered more than 35 competitors from all over the world..
Legends of bartending is well known for being the most difficult competition in the world as it counts of 2 days of 6 rounds in which Flair, Speed, Accuracy and Showmanship is being judged.
The 1st day any participants must complete 3 rounds which hopefully take them to the 2nd day. On the 1st day the bartenders must complete a speed round, pour test round and a exhibition flair round.
In the Speed round the competitors must prepare 7 drinks as fast as possible from a random list of cocktails prior to start of the round.
The Pour Test round measures the accuracy and speed of the competitors while serving 10 drinks.
Finally the last round of day is the exhibition flair round combined with some working flair, this round is 4 minutes long where bartenders have to perform their entertainment and technical skills to the judges.
Only 5 bartenders made it to the 2nd day(Finals): Santiago Gomez, Mike Mills, Ezequiel Abergo, Richard Ramirez and Kevin McCormack.
On finals day bartenders have to do three more rounds: Speed and working flair during the day and exhibition flair at night.
During the working flair round competitors must prepare 4 random cocktails in 3 min using working flair techniques.
The exhibition round on finals is what most of the people get to watch, is most exiting rounds of all where flair bartenders perform not only to the judges but also on front of a full house at the LAX nightclub located inside of the Luxor Hotel & Casino.

Final results.

Ezequiel Abergo

2nd Santiago Gomez
3er Kevin McCormack
4th Michael Mills
5th Richard Ramirez

Thanks so much Ezequiel and congratulations on your huge prestigous win at Legends we are honored to have you a pro member of the site!

Stars of the Bars Team

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