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Best Flair Bartender Products Superstore

King of the Ring DVD Trailer
King of the Ring DVD TrailerChristian Delpech Working Flair DVD
Christian Delpech Working Flair DVD  All Items are Available on our Bar Shop!
3,500+ Bar Products

Skyy Vodka Flair Bottle

The Skyy Flair Bottle offers the look and feel of a real liquor bottle. Made of durable PVC plastic (as is all of our flair bottles), a bartender can now entertain customers behind the bar without the risk of the bottle shattering. Furthermore, since Skyy Vodka is by far the worlds most prominent supporter of flair events, bartenders can now practice with a bottle that they will most likely use in a competition. For those of you familiar with our standard 750ml flair bottle, this new Skyy Flair Bottle offers the same height and weight (approx. 17 ounces). Limited first run production. Available now. Fast world wide delivery.

Tapered Metal Pourer

Due to its tapered shape and pour speed this is one of the best selling metal pourers on the market. Like all of our specialty pourers, we allow you to buy 1 or a gross and still get a great price.



28 oz. Regular Shaker

Also known as a tin, cocktail shaker or Boston shaker, a 28 oz. shaker is traditionally used to cap a mixing glass, beverage glass or work in conjunction with a 16 oz. shaker or our Mako™ shaker to shake or mix cocktails. This one has a reinforced bottom, which is also known among flair bartenders as a weighted shaker. Because we cater to many flair bartenders, we offer a choice (weighted or non weighted "regular" shakers) as many have become accustom to one or the other. Same high quality stainless steel.


Shake N' Crack 28 oz Shaker Tin

The Shake n' Crack Tin is one of the most unique bar accessories ever invented. It combines two tools that every bar uses, the tin and the strainer, into one efficient, easy-to-use cocktail and martini shaker.

The Shake n' Crack Tin was created out of a desire to increase bartending sales.
It was conceptualized, designed, tested and developed by experienced, high volume bartenders for bartenders. The Shake n' Crack Tin can help each bartender make martinis and chilled shots faster while increasing their efficiency, producing tremendous results. Basically, Faster drinks = higher sales = more tips.

Bartenders in high volume bars have been quoted saying that they save time and make more money for the bar and themselves with the Shake n' Crack Tin. Many have said that it makes them faster; better bartenders and never want to work without it.

The Shake n' Crack can pay for itself within 15 minutes on any busy night in any bar…


The Holster

The speed opener holster is made of high quality, heavy gauge leather and has an elastic pocket that can hold a lighter, wine opener and/or writing pen. Clips securely to one's belt and offers quick draw action for those essential bartending tools. Very well constructed.

Works well with a Hammerhead™,
but is a little too snug for a Vinylworks™

6 & up price $7.44
Click Here Spinner Speed Opener
The spinner opener offers a centrally located stamped out pivot point that enables it's user to spin the opener on a flat surface. Brush finished stainless steel. 7" long and weighs 2 oz.


Works well with our Holster, Belt Reel, or Clip.
Ripper™ Bottle Opener    $ 17.94    
Ripper Opener

Ripper™ Bottle Opener
Stylish, rugged, and lightweight, these Ripper™ bottle openers are fully cnc machined from 6061 t6 aircraft billet aluminum, then anodized and remachined to add the silver accents. A stainless insert is then installed for added strength. Ripper™ bottle openers are lighter then other stainless speed openers, with the Cut Out Ripper™ Opener being the lightest in the market but still strong enough to open a countless number of bottles. Designs are laser engraved on both sides of openers. Works on all bottles.

Flair Bartending Videos

The best flair bartending videos from around the world! Custom resumes, job search, bartenders for hire. Wholesale bar supplies! Facebook connect for international exposure!