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Christian Delpech Training Set

Christian Delpech Working Flair Click Here         
Christian Delpech


DVD Video   This DVD is Region Free

Christian Delpech
Working Flair - Volume 1 and Volume 2

In many sports you have those that seem to master it beyond belief. These are the players that are so good, it makes one wonder if there could ever be anyone better. In basketball, you have Michael Jordan, in golf, there's Tiger Woods. In the world of Flair Bartending, it's Christian Delpech. And he has now made a video to teach you.

80 minute!
Includes 20 Minute Bonus Show of Christian Working at Harrah's in Vegas!

DVD Video   HD-DVD Video   This DVD is Region Free

Christian Delpech
Working Flair - Volume 3 and Volume 4

This Special Edition DVD series, starring the 16 time World Champion Christian Delpech is a 2-DVD Set for novice to advanced bartenders. It contains raw footage from behind the bar, multi-angle, and slow motion filming. It is also the first flair bartending DVD to be filmed in a High Definition Widescreen format.

90 minute DVD!
Includes 25 Minutes of Christian Working behind the Bar!



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