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Flairco Portable Bar

October 6 2008 Flairco Portable Bar
     $ 1,649.99   
Click Here Flairco Portable Bar

Finally a truly portable bar!  Truly unique the Flairco Folding Portable Bar weighs in at only 65 lbs. and packs up into a wheeled travel case easily making it the most portable available.

Even with all the convenience it has to offer the Flairco Portable Bar does not sacrifice functionality for ease of use.  Designed by professional bartenders to provide beverage service for almost any bar situation imaginable the Bar can be setup or torn down in minutes.  The Flairco Portable Bar comes with a speed rail with a capacity of 12 1L bottles or 13 750ml bottles.  Inserts into the Bar top provide room for up to 8 juice/mix containers while an industry standard bus bin provides for up to 25 lbs. of ice. 

The upper and lower bar tops, along with the side bracing are all made from a thick high quality plastic that is designed to be submerged in water.  This design feature ensures the bar will withstand potential spills of ice, water, liquor and juices while making clean up simplicity itself.

The Flairco Portable Bar has received wide recognition having been endorsed and adopted by the Flair Bartenders Association for use in its Flair Bartender competitions around the globe.

With a retail price of only $1,650.00 USD plus shipping (shipping costs are lower as a result of the lightweight of the Bar) and taxes the Flairco Portable Bar comes in at a much lower cost than other available Portable Bars making it easily the best bargain in the industry.

Watch a short Video showing the Assembly and De-Assembly of the Portable Bar.

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