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26 May 2010
Thanks Alex why don't you upload some more pics and some videos to the site!

23 May 2010
hello friend how are you, my name is alex I'm Mexican, and I wonder if you too are like me bartending flair, able to talk with you, I am a student and I want to know everything hacerca of flair bartending because I want to learn, I'm practicing I'm not very good but hopefully can become a good answer I hope flair bartending friend .. greetings

15 May 2010
hola que tal soy mexicano mi nombre es alejandro soy del estado de guanajuato y me gustaria ser un gran flair quisiera saber si me pudieras dar algunos consejos para lograrlo o me pudieras presentar a alguien para que me orientara y me diera algunos consejos bueno saludos amiga y espero me pueda contestar gracias....

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