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Carnaval Court Video Footage Baarimestari
Added: 9th June 2011
Posted By: Baarimestari
Views: 626

Carnaval Court Video Footage Baarimestari

Tags: baarimestari.fi video show bartender Las Vegas
PHOTO Mig at Carnaval Court in Las Vegas
Added: 10th August 2011
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 1853

Mig at Harrah's Carnaval Court in Las Vegas

Tags: Mig at Carnaval Court Harrahs Las Vegas
Added: 15th August 2011
Posted By: theflairmaniac
Views: 796

Flair Bartenders from Las Vegas and around the world are in competition at the 2009 U.S. Flair Open organized by a great job of the people of Rums of Puerto Rico, Finest Call, FlairLive.tv! Qualifying rounds at Harrahs Carnival Court.

Tags: Entertainment Finest Call flairlive.tv Carnival Court SANTIAGO GOMEZ
Mindaugas MIG Gradeckas Flair Bartender Scene from Bottleslinger The Movie
Added: 26th February 2012
Posted By: Hurricane_Howie
Views: 55041

Mindaugas Mig Gradeckas Flair Bartender Scene from Bottleslinger The Movie Filmed at Harrah\'s Carnival Court in Las Vegas! Travel to the hottest clubs on the planet... www.bottleslinger.com

Tags: bottleslinger movie girlos gone wild clubs travel Mindaugus Mig Gradekas flair bartending Carnival Court Harrah\'s Las Vegas
Solar Flair Barteding FULL MOVIE 2013 Finals
Added: 19th November 2013
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 95

Watch the re-broadcast of the Live! live broadcast of Solar Flair 2013 at Dave & Busters in Irvine, California. This was the BIGGEST Flair bartending competition in 2013 with over $16, in prize money organized by 5280 Flair and Dave & Busters. the final competitors Advanced = Shane Russell,...

Tags: solar finals flair movie highlights videos playlist

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