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65  66-Bartending School- BartenderOne HD Move of the Month
Added: 16th June 2009
Posted By: bartenderone
Views: 1818

Upload your own Move of the Month video to YouTube and you could join BartenderOne in Las Vegas! Check out BartenderOne.com/competitions for full details. This months HD Move of the Month is a Tin rotation pour and a Multi tin nest.

Tags: flair bottle Chris Cooper Dimitri Kobrin learn to flair bartend working flair Las Vegas competition bartender training extreme bartending Howto exhibition flair Bartending school Howto
Dimitri Kobrin BartenderOne Flair Bartenders for Hire
Added: 24th January 2010
Posted By: bartenderone
Views: 622

Canada's top flair bartenders, mixologists, and bar chefs are available for hire at BartenderOne.com

Tags: Bartending mixology flair bartending BartenderOne Bartender for Hire Pro Bartenders Events Talent Shows

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