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How to Make a Long Beach Iced Tea - BartenderOne Cocktail of the Month - Bartending School
Added: 16th June 2009
Posted By: bartenderone
Views: 2347

BartenderOne's Classic Cocktail Series teaches you how to create the worlds most delicious and sought after cocktails, through this series of easy to use web tutorials. This month the Long Beach Iced Tea.

Tags: Cocktails How to Mix Drinks Bartender One Training Mixology Alcohol Online Education
How to Make a Make APPLE MARTINI Bartender Cocktail of the Month Bartending School
Added: 16th June 2009
Posted By: bartenderone
Views: 5736

BartenderOne's classic cocktail training the Apple Martini! Bartender One Training Series DVD available Bar Shop!

Tags: Cocktails How to Mix Drinks BartenderOne Training Mixology Alcohol Online Education Learn Apple Martini Cosmopolitan Sex Beach Long Island Series DVD
Nick Woolsey
Added: 16th June 2009
Posted By: flairdevil
Views: 1713

This is a short vid that I took on Salt Spring this past Jan with my 7.2 megapixel camera. Sorry it took me so long to post it..... ... woolsey fire poi dancing

Tags: fire woolsey People dancing poi People
BottleSlinger 3 Flair Bartending Movie Trailer
Added: 16th June 2009
Posted By: Bottleslinger
Views: 2809

DVD Video Trailer Bottle Slinger 3 - "EUROTRIP" Overseas we go on another Intoxicating Expedition with Chuck and Nick as they explore the European Flair Bartending Lifestyle and Party non-stop with the most Insane Bottleslingers that Europe has to offer. Trek through places like...

Tags: barshop bartending flair bottle Entertainment movie bartender slinger Entertainment bottleslinger
Art of the Drink Blue Motorcycle
Added: 28th June 2009
Posted By: ArtOfTheDrink
Views: 1039

As riders at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally show off their bikes, Anthony and Rachel show you how to trick out a Long Island Iced Tea into a Blue Motorcycle.

Tags: bartending cocktail bar margarita Entertainment mojito recipe bartender bartend blue alcohol martini cosmopolitan liquor motorcycle Entertainment
Jay Du Toit, The 80 Stalls around the world
Added: 8th February 2010
Posted By: jaydutoit
Views: 1754

Jay Du Toit The 80 Stalls around the world! The final episode in this epic journey. Many years in the making and lots of friends along the way!

Tags: Flair Jay Du Toit Flair Bartending Bar Club Travel Flairing Roadhouse Flairtending Bartender Stars
Nicolas Saint Jean Interviewed with Yos Malelak by Bar Wizards
Added: 28th May 2010
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 18557

Balimoon Liqueurs Along with Neil Lowrey and Neil Garner from Bar Wizards Interview the Legendary Nicolas Saint Jean! Interview shows how Nicolas Along with Bartenders from around the world appreciated the original Style of Yos Malelak from Indonesia! Footage in the interview, highlights and...

Tags: Nicolas Saint Jean Flairmotion Yos Malelak Balimoon Liqueurs Entertainment barwizards TV
Aleah Kramer Flairing October 21 2010 in Memory of Latasia Soto
Added: 27th February 2011
Posted By: FlairBTAleah
Views: 504

Aleah Kramer Flairing in memory of Latasia Soto on October 21, 2010 at T.G.I.Fridays in Long Beach, Ca.

Tags: People Bar Alcohol Mixed Drinks Flair Bartending Bartender tips ultimate bar-tending championships stars compete competition comp contest clubs style Club amazing awesome tricks Dance Dancing party the best best of ninja bar ninja bar ninjaz ninjaz bnc ba
Added: 25th April 2011
Posted By: FlairLover
Views: 357

You may have have heard the rumors that Flairbar.com was at Quest 2008 filming the Qualifiers and producing a Quest 2008 Qualifying Days & Extras DVD... well we are extremely happy to announce that the rumors were true! This 4 Disc DVD set is jam packed with Flair, Fun & Mayhem! See what Quest is...

Tags: Sports flairbar.com quest 2008 danilo oribe rodrigo delpech drio doimo rob husted ben rose fba high spirits flair competition Sports
Bartenders Bash Series!
Added: 25th April 2011
Posted By: FlairLover
Views: 659

Bartenders Bash... the Flair bartending competition that started it all for myself and many others. A long time tradition that was passed down to me from a true Flair legend Bill Long. This multi venue event starts down at the original location where it all started... Holiday Isle in the Florida...

Tags: Sports bartenders bash hospitality expo flair bar rob husted barwars bill long Sports
Summer Flair Bartender Competition 2 DVD - Trailer
Added: 25th April 2011
Posted By: FlairLover
Views: 419

The SFBC2 3 Disc DVD set which is packed full of Flair, Fun and features along with for the first time ever the "Flair Trick Contest" which is basically a game of horse with tins and bottles. This DVD set is so amazing from the quality of the video and production to loads of extras included. All...

Tags: Sports summer flair bartender competition 2 SFBC rodrigo delpech rob husted cao ati monterde barwars Sports
Flair Bartending Comes Back to Blue Martini!
Added: 3rd May 2011
Posted By: FlairLover
Views: 535

Flair Bartending comes back to Blue Martini in West Palm Beach, Florida Tuesday August 26th 2008 with our special guest bartenders Mauro Garrido, Rob Husted and Blue Martini's very own General Manager Joe G. Along with the Flair friendly band Charlie Hotel, this event again promises to be fun...

Tags: Sports flair bartender bartending blue martini mauro garrido rob husted joe BarWarsLLC flairbar.com
Summer Flair 4 Promo Sept 22nd 2009
Added: 3rd May 2011
Posted By: FlairLover
Views: 372

This is the Summer Flair Bartender Competition 4 trailer for the event September 20st - 22nd 2009 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida at Club Safari and the Palm Beach Gardens Marriott! Along with the "Mixology Matters Cocktail Convention" during the day on Tuesday September 22nd 2009 and the Official...

Tags: Sports summer flair bartender competition absolut vodka finest call ben rose rob husted dario doimo rodrigo delpech cao flairco mixology matters top
How to mix a Long Island Iced Tea - Volare In The Mix episode 33
Added: 2nd December 2013
Posted By: Gianluigi
Views: 342

Gianluigi Bosco, Volare global brand ambassador, will show you how to mix this popular recipe using: -15ml Volare Triple Sec -15ml vodka -15ml white rum -15ml gin -20ml lemon juice -10ml simple syrup -top cola

Tags: iced gianluigi episode volare long
Texas Flair Bartending Challenge 3 Highlights TFBC 4
Added: 27th April 2013
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 4621

Texas Flair Bartending Challenge 3 Miami Bar -- San Antonio, TX July 9-10, 2012 ---- TFBC 4 coming this JULY 15-16th 2013 ---- TFBC 3 Highlights / TFBC 4 Teaser Music used in this video belongs to the following artists: Skrillex - Bangarang Dada Life - Kick Out the Epic Carnage &...

Tags: teaser tfbc promo Texas Flair Bartending Challenge 3 Highlights

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