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Photo Ollie Club Rescue Greece
Added: 28th August 2009
Posted By: Ollie
Views: 3701

Club Rescue http://www.rescueclub.net Rescue Club, Laganas, Zakynthos, Greece

Tags: Club Greece Rescue Zante Fire Show Bar
My Summer bartending in Greece!
Added: 19th June 2009
Posted By: Ollie
Views: 2021

This is my summer bar job! Yes thats me in the middle with the stack and yes I was drunk :) This video was taken from the latest bottle slinger 3 DVD filming this is footage from there official trailer when they filmed in Greece! We did them a small show!

Tags: bartending bar Entertainment fire bottleslinger entertainment head stack pyramid balance flair Zante Greece Club Rescue breathing fire blowing flairing
Photo Club Rescue Zante Greece
Added: 3rd December 2009
Posted By: jaydutoit
Views: 5445

Jay Du Toit Club Rescue Zante Greece Fire Show

Tags: Club Rescue Greece Zante Jay Du Toit
Photo Club Rescue Summer 2005
Added: 27th March 2010
Posted By: Ollie
Views: 641

Club Rescue Summer 2005 http://www.rescueclub.net Rescue Club, Laganas, Zakynthos, Greece

Tags: Zante Greece Club Rescue Summer 2005 Ollie
Club Rescue Fire Show Zante Greece
Added: 27th March 2010
Posted By: Ollie
Views: 5277

Rescue Club, Laganas, Zante, Greece - Nightclub in Zakynthos ... The best club in Laganas, Zante (Zakynthos). Up to date news on all the biggest and main events of 2010 held at Rescue Club. www.rescueclub.net

Tags: Zante Club Rescue Fire Show Greece Party Bartenders
Club Rescue, Zante Greece Flair Bartending Competition!
Added: 6th August 2011
Posted By: Anastatia
Views: 4576

Club Rescue and Spin Bar Entertainments Presents Rescue Flair Competition on September 7th 2011 Zante Greece!

Tags: wanted travel contest Entertainment Rescue club laganas zante zakynthos flair bartenders bartending zakinthos greece
Zero Bar Zante Greece Promo Video
Added: 20th February 2012
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 1632

Zero Bar Zante Greece Promo Video Summer is epic!!!

Tags: Zero Bar Zante Greece Promo Video

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