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Delirium TV Episode 2  Amsterdamned
Added: 18th June 2009
Posted By: MadsVoorhoeve
Views: 750

This is our second episode. Filmed at the UFL in amsterdam. For the other episodes and more check out our website at : www.deliriumtelevision.com ... Delirium flair UFL amsterdam "mike breuker" "anthony pullen" bartending "flair comp" TV

Tags: anthony pullen amsterdam bartending flair TV Entertainment mike breuker flair comp Delirium UFL Entertainment
Delirium Episode VI
Added: 5th April 2010
Posted By: deliriumtv
Views: 838

Delirium TV Episode VI

Tags: flair bartending bar grischaillrich mike breuker delirium TV w
Delirium 2 gravity on tour
Added: 23rd February 2011
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 459

Mike Breuker's DTV in association with Gravity Bartending is finally here, around the world competing and partying with the rest off the guys!

Tags: Entertainment mike breuker delirium gravity bartending flairtenders flair flairbartending Entertainment
Delirium TV goes to Praque
Added: 23rd February 2011
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 523

Praque, Delirium Style video highlights!

Tags: Entertainment Mike Breuker delirium flair bartenders gravity bartending club vie
Delirium TV video highlights
Added: 23rd February 2011
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 547

Delirium TV video highlights

Tags: People Mike Breuker flair bartending gravity rotterdam club vie People
Video Promo for MikeBreuker.com
Added: 20th November 2012
Posted By: starsofthebars
Views: 215

The promotional video... website www.MikeBreuker.com

Tags: mikebreuker promo video flair bartender judge consultant travel

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