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Redirect With Forearm Flair Move
Added: 20th June 2009
Views: 1430

bottle redirect flip sweep thru forearm redirect into a stall then a tin snatch

Tags: Learn Fliptopour Flair Bartending Redirect Sweep Figure Style Pour Tin snatch bottle stall forearm bumb
Flair bartender move bumb bottle off forearm into stall on hand
Added: 13th August 2010
Views: 858

Fliptopour Bump bottle off forearm!

Tags: fliptopour bumb bottle stall over shoulder
2 bottle exchange with forearm bumb
Added: 13th August 2010
Views: 762

Fliptopour.com 2 bottle exchange with forearm bumb into stall.

Tags: Howto learn flairbartending training tricks course online
DARIO DOIMO - 35 bumps with Grey Goose
Added: 30th August 2010
Posted By: DoimoFlair
Views: 1278

35 bumps with Grey Goose bottle!

Tags: doimoflair Are 51 dvd bumbs flair bartender exhibition

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