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Lychee Martini - Art of the Drink 55
Added: 27th June 2009
Posted By: ArtOfTheDrink
Views: 519

Anthony shows you how to add some Asian flavor to your next martini!

Tags: cocktail martini lychee drink Howto food Howto
How to mix a Lychee Collins - Volare In The Mix episode 48
Added: 2nd December 2013
Posted By: Gianluigi
Views: 389

Gianluigi Bosco, former IBA world champion and Volare global brand ambassador, showing how to mix a Lychee Collins step by step. Here's the recipe: -20ml Volare Lychee -40ml jenever (or gin) -20ml lemon juice -5ml simple syrup -fill with soda water

Tags: episode gianluigi lychee volare collins
How to mix a Stress Reliever - Volare In The Mix episode 65
Added: 2nd December 2013
Posted By: Gianluigi
Views: 468

Gianluigi Bosco, Volare global brand ambassador, will show how to mix a nice drink with a very delicate taste, perfect after a stressful day at work! Here's the recipe: -20ml Volare Lychee -a dash of Angostura® orange bitters -40ml gin -60ml camomille

Tags: reliever gianluigi volare episode stress

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