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BolsaTV Um brinde ao amor Bolsa de Mulher
Added: 10th July 2009
Posted By: Bortolozzi
Views: 979

Contato : (21) 8678-6387 e mail: bortolozzi@gmail.com Nite- RJ Bartender para todos os eventos ... bortolozzi bartender rj cocktails curso barman flair evento casamento festaRio Janeiro nite Rio Claro san paulo

Tags: bortolozzi san paulo cocktails festa Rio bartender evento rj flair Claro Rio barman paulo nite casamento Janeiro curso Music Music
Cocktail Team Portugal - Paulo Cerqueira
Added: 30th January 2010
Posted By: WOFC
Views: 1004

This Online Bartending Championship is an awesome showcase for all fans of the art of Flair Bartending, giving the possibility to transmit and acquire new techniques and movements of Flair. Visit www.wofc.cocktailteam.net and vote for your favorite flair bartender!

Tags: wofc flair bartending cocktail team world online contest bartender barman free style cocktails competition challenge awards prizes
Joa Paulo Rodriques Liquor promotional service
Added: 22nd August 2010
Posted By: joao81
Views: 2444

Joa Paulo Rodriques Liquor promotional service Want to see your brand of Alcohol in lights and the talk of the town? Dynamic cocktails with !

Tags: talent, agent, Travel, dance, show, performance, alcohol, vodka, rum,tequila, trailer, promo
Joao Paulo Rodriques Brazilian Flair
Added: 22nd August 2010
Posted By: joao81
Views: 693

Competing Bacardi Flair Open 2008

Tags: Competing Bacardi Flair Open 2008
Joao Paulo Rodriques Brazilian Flair
Added: 22nd August 2010
Posted By: joao81
Views: 1563

Competing Shadow Barkeepers Flair Bartending Event!

Tags: Shadow Barkeepers Competition promo Bartender for Hire

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