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Added: 15th June 2010
Posted By: Anastatia
Views: 2808

The SKYY Vodka Global Flair Challenge has fast become one of the most prestigious flair competitions in the world and it is now one of the most sought after titles for bartenders globally. This year, SKYY Vodka will invite the most talented bartenders from five continents to battle it out to see...

Tags: skyyflair skyy vodka global challenge dvd trailer video highlights World Tour WFA Grand Slam
Leonardo Calvez SKYY Flair Global challenge 2010
Added: 27th October 2010
Posted By: Bartending.lv
Views: 661

Leonardo Calvez Competes in the SKYY Global challenge 2010!

Tags: Entertainment Bartending.lv Skyyflair Skyy Global World Tour Flair Bartender
SKYY Flair Global Challenge Japan 2010  OPENING
Added: 27th October 2010
Posted By: Bartending.lv
Views: 473

SKYY Flair Global Challenge Video Promo Trailer Japan 2010 OPENING

Tags: Entertainment OPENING EFS 2010 FCP Skyyflair Global Challenge tour Trailer clips
SKYY Flair Global challenge 2010 Awarding Ceremony
Added: 27th October 2010
Posted By: Bartending.lv
Views: 753

SKYY Flair Global challenge 2010 Videos of the flair bartenders Awarding Ceremony!

Tags: Bartending.lv Entertainment Skyyflair Skyy Vodka Global World tour Finals videos
Decha Wang In-Ta SKYY Flair Global challenge 2010
Added: 27th October 2010
Posted By: Bartending.lv
Views: 709

Decha Wang In-Ta Competes in the SKYY Flair Global challenge 2010!

Tags: Bartending.lv Entertainment Skyyflair Global Flair bartenders contest video highlights finals

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